MMA Information Update: One Storm doesn't stop 'THE STORM'!

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5/24/2011 7:47:51 PM
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MMA Information Update: One Storm doesn't stop 'THE STORM'!



MMA Information Update: One Storm doesn’t stop ‘THE STORM’!


The 10th Annual Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA) Storm the State HouseLegislative Lobby Day is now in the history books.   Dreary weather that has persisted for the entire month of May affected this year’s participation as riders refused to don cages for the event, even despite some heavy overnight downpours.  Bringing sunshine to the event, however, approximately 40 bikes and a dozen or so cars & trucks brought riders from all over the state and even included support from our neighboring SMRO in Connecticut.


Although participation was down due to the weather, the riders in attendance were extremely effective in getting the MMA’s Legislative Agenda across to a significant number of Legislators.  Riders took it upon themselves to fill the gap by visiting extra offices and taking numerous copies of the Legislative Agenda with them.  Additionally, a mail-in option was made available to the MMA membership, allowing those who could not attend to download the Storm booklet and mail it to their Legislators.


Multiple staging locations were set up for riders to meet and work their way to the final staging area in Somerville at the Lions Club/Seniors Center.   In Somerville, all riders were greeted by volunteers from “Toys for Local Children” (TLC), a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization aimed at supporting families across the commonwealth that may need a little assistance at any time of the year.   TLC volunteers provided free food and beverages for the riders while riders graciously made cash donations to TLC which is also the sole recipient of all toys collected at the MMA’s Annual Toy Ride, to be held this year on October 2nd, 2011.


As noon approached, local police officers arrived to escort the group directly into Boston, which passed in front of the State House, and then to our reserved parking spaces on Charles Street, between the Boston Common and the Public Gardens.   Riders then walked to the steps of the State House for a group photo, and then made their way through security to the reserved Gardner Auditorium.

Chairman Dave Condon addressed the riders first and spoke about some of the issues facing motorcycle riders daily, in Massachusetts and the surrounding states.   Motorcycle Riders Foundation State Representative Doc D’Errico spoke to the riders about issues happening across the country and detailed why riders need to also support the DC-based MRF and the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) in addition to the MMA.   Legislative Director Rick Gleason then spoke about the MMA’s Legislative Agenda and how riders can help move these bills through the Senate and House successfully.


Although the Senate was in formal session, Senator Stephen Brewer, Sponsor to 3 MMA Bills was able to break away for a few minutes and address the riders.   Shortly afterwards Senator Robert Hedlund, also Sponsor to MMA bills dropped by and spoke to the riders.   Senator Hedlund was also awarded an Honorary Life Membership, patch, and MMA Members-only Jacket in recognition for his long time support of the MMA that goes back approximately 12 years.


Both Senators received rousing applause of appreciation, and the dialog following their talks was quite exhilarating.  Upon completion of the talks, the riders grabbed at least 2 copies of the MMA Legislative Booklet, added their personal contact information, and then went to the offices of their local legislators to deliver the booklets.   Many had previously made appointments and had face-to-face meetings with their Representative and Senator scheduled.   Some of the riders then adjourned to the 21st Amendment for a lunch to share their excitement over the day and commiserate about the weather (as well as the pending wet ride home)…


The MMA Board Members all extended their sincere appreciation to those riders who made the effort despite the weather to show their support for all the riders of the Commonwealth.  Without you, the mission would not be possible.


Everyone, rider or not, reading this announcement is encouraged to download a copy of the MMA Legislative Booklet, print at least 2 copies, personalize them, and then mail them to their local legislator.   MMA Bills will likely see Public Hearings scheduled in late Summer or Fall.   Now is the time to reach out to your legislators and lobby for their support for our proposed legislation.   Detailed information is included below:


The booklet is here:    2011 Storm the State House Booklet
Look up your legislators here:    Find My Legislator

For further information, please visit or contact

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