Tiger Tales - June, 2011

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6/24/2011 6:52:00 AM
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Tiger Tales - June, 2011


Hello, Friends!!


I hope this finds all of you doing well. Welcome to Summer--amid lots that has been going on, medically and otherwise, I realized I hadn't sent my June Tiger Tales article out, so here it is for you to read if you haven't had a chance to look at our ABATE OK Biker Journal newspaper.  You can catch up on issues at: www.abateofoklahoma.org   COD Members staffed the ABATE Booth along with the Heartland Chapter during a very successful Old-Fashioned Biker Rally at Hawg Lakes June 10-12. Mnay thanks to the hundreds of riders from all backgrounds who came out to support the OK Confederation of Clubs never-ending campaign to promote Biker Unity and Cooperation.


I'm attaching a couple of flyers for events you might find enjoyable this coming weekend.  Our COD ABATE Fundraiser Bike Ride will be taking place this Saturday, June 25, and will be getting together at the Skyline between 10:00AM and 11:00AM.  We'll be ending up at Scott &  Deb's Sports Bar in Kingfisher, OK.  Everyone is invited, so please tell your friends over the next couple of days!  Also, the "Help Carol Breathe" Crawfish Boil takes place this Sunday, June 26.  Carol Craig is the wife of Big Jim, longtime member of our American Legion Riders Post #1340, and is awaiting a lung transplant.  This event will feature music, terrific food, and lots of great folks to hang out with.  Even with the temperatures forecast to be over 100, I sincerely hope you'll take some time to come out and support ABATE and Carol Craig--two very worthwhile causes!  There will be air conditioning at both final destinations to keep you cool!


So, heartfelt thanks to all of you for your support of ABATE and dedication to Motorcycling Liberty.  We're getting close to our Fourth of July Holiday Weekend, so be careful out there as we're into the 101 Critical Days of Summer.  Ride Safely, Responsibly, Sober and Aware.  Have a great weekend, and I'll see you on the Road!


Yours in Freedom,

Tiger Mike Revere

President, ABATE Central Oklahoma District

Lifetime Member, ABATE of Oklahoma, Inc.

405-596-1072 (cell)



Howdy to all my riding friends!  I hope all of you are enjoying your springtime motorcycling, even though that’s tempered by the gasoline prices steadily creeping toward $4.00 per gallon in Oklahoma.  That certainly provides incentive for more motorcycles to be traveling, since they’re a legitimate alternative means of transportation and not just a recreational vehicle as our opponents would have us believe.  Sharing the Road was a central theme of Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month for May, but that culture needs to expand to influence motoring year-round Nationwide.  I appreciate Governor Mary Fallin supporting the continuing campaign for reducing motorcycling deaths and injuries by issuing the Annual Proclamation last month, as well as signing SB443 into law.  Now the state will include information regarding Sharing the Road with motorcycles and bicyclists as part of the Oklahoma Driver License Test.  Speaking of which, ABATE’s Share the Road Program has gotten off the ground, and has been presented to over 200 students so far.  Our scope is expanding, and we anticipate that the Program will eventually be as successful as states such as Iowa, which has graciously assisted us.

We had over 300 folks attend May’s Oklahoma Confederation Of Clubs Meeting in Hinton despite the rainy weather.  One of our Confederation member groups, Women in the Wind, presented ABATE of Oklahoma with a $250 check from their Poker Run, to help with our Organization’s legislative efforts.  Many thanks for your continued support of defending Riding Liberty in our state and throughout the Nation!  One of the primary items on the agenda was the OCOC Old-Fashioned Biker Party slated for the weekend of June 10-12 at Hawg Lakes, which is not too far from Oklahoma City.  This is shaping up to be a terrific event, with live music, raffles, vendors, contests, and a down-home good time in an atmosphere of Biker Unity and Brotherhood-all for the bargain basement price of ten bucks!  I’m hoping for a large turnout, so be sure to plan on attending, and tell your friends!  Check out www.okcoc.net or call “Bus” at 405-824-2488 for more information. 

Spotlighting some Freedom Fighting activities across the states, ABATE of Kansas scored a Legislative Victory with the passage of a “Red Light” Bill, similar to Oklahoma’s, authorizing motorcyclists to safely proceed through a controlled intersection if bikes don’t trigger the light to turn green.  Helmet Freedom bills continue to be debated in Michigan and North Carolina.   In Nebraska,  ABATE hopes to have better luck with repealing the Mandatory Helmet Law this Session through passing legislation to allow Freedom of Choice for riders 21 and over, and ABATE is continuing to move forward with a Share the Road Program similar to Iowa’s.   Freedom of Road Riders (FORR-MO) is continuing to advance a bill authorizing Missouri Freedom of Choice regarding helmet wear for riders 21 and over.  Bills are in committee to lower penalties for not having an “M” License Endorsement, and require Rider Education Course completion for a Motorcycle License.  On the down side, some legislators seek to eliminate Missouri’s Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council.  The Texas-headquartered U.S. Defenders Program was unsuccessful in derailing renewal of the sunset provisions of the USA PATRIOT ACT, but is currently active in mobilizing support for HR904, which will deny Federal Funding for Motorcycle-Only Checkpoints.  A major issue concerns improving privacy policies and establishing better oversight of Texas State DPS Fusion Centers.  These are designed as Law Enforcement hubs to collect, amass and share personal data and intelligence on private citizenry without probable cause.  Formed after 9/11, they collect information on Texans engaged in First-Amendment protected activities, with non-criminal backgrounds and without warrants.  These facilities skirt Freedom of Information Act provisions because they are managed by private contractors.  While not advertised, we could quite possibly have similar provisions established in Oklahoma. Oversight legislation hopefully would ultimately restrict Bikers from being treated as Terrorists and having their patches, tattoos and bikes routinely photographed. Texas Bikers, led by TMRA2, have also been working to keep their Rider Education Fund from being stolen to balance the State Budget. 

Tiger’s Tip O’ The Month:  With the weather getting warmer as we approach the Summer Riding Season, lots of you out there are excited about shedding some of the extra clothing under which you’ve been used to sweating.  Of course, the “All the gear all the time” types aren’t going to do that, but fortunately we in Oklahoma have the Freedom to make our own choices.  Before you step to the garage to power up your machine, be sure to make informed choices based on your own information and intelligence.  This especially applies to protective footwear which should cover your ankles, have sturdy toecaps, and especially possess non-slip durable soles.  The Harley Rider I saw the other day sporting St. Patty’s Day-green Crocs is probably setting himself up for an unpleasant experience!

In closing, I’ve completed this article after receiving the welcome news that arch-terrorist Osama Bin Laden was killed during a covert operation conducted by our Military.  That underscores the need for us to keep supporting our Armed Forces in every way. In that vein, I want to deeply thank everyone who was able to attend Operation Carry the Flame across America May 21, and COD ABATE’s Bike Parade to the State Capitol on Memorial Day.  I’ll be updating you in the near future on our Oklahoma Confederation of Clubs Veterans’ Support Program currently in development.  Until then, keep taking care of each other, and ride Safely, Sober and Aware.  Also, please remember in your thoughts and prayers the grieving families in eight states that were victimized by the tornadoes which killed almost 400 people.  Our Flag waves proudly amid the destruction.  God Bless you, and God Bless America!

Keep It On The Black Strip Between The Trees,

Tiger Mike

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