Tiger Tales - August, 2011

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8/10/2011 10:45:05 PM
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Tiger Tales - August, 2011

Hello, Friends--

I hope this finds all of you doing well this week, and that you're bearing up well in areas where the hot weather is especially intense. Here's my Tiger Tales article for August, and I hope you enjoy it. I'm also attaching a .pdf copy of our NCOM Region 2 Conference flyer for the upcoming November 18-19 event. Many heartfelt thanks to the sizeable number of you computer-smart folks in our Riding Community who answered this dinosaur's appeal and sent me .pdf and JPEG updated versions of the flyer. I'm an Analog guy in a Digital world, but Biker Brotherhood is Timeless! I sincerely hope all of you will make a special effort to attend, as it's shaping up to be an educational, informative, and enjoyable time! Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Best wishes for a fun and safe August as we navigate through the 101 Critical Days of Summer, continue to Ride Free and Safely, and keep in touch. I'm also including here an Urgent Call To Action from ABATE of Michigan regarding the campaign to repeal their Mandatory Universal Helmet Law. Please take some time to respond to their appeal for Freedom of Choice regarding Helmet wear for Adult Michigan Riders--it would be awesome if the September, 2011 MRF Meeting of the Minds scheduled for just outside of Detroit could include a celebration of this Victory!!

In Liberty,

Tiger Mike Revere, Proud Lifetime Member, ABATE of Oklahoma, Inc. 405-596-1072 (cell)

This release is being sent to you at the request of ABATE of Michigan. Please direct any questions or comments to ABATE of Michigan

From: Vince Consiglio, President, ABATE of Michigan

ABATE of Michigan would like the help of all motorcyclists in their fight for freedom. Senate Bill 291 passed the Michigan Senate in late June. We are asking all rights activists to send a post card to Michigan's Governor, Rick Snyder, urging him to support motorcycle helmet choice for adults.

A postcard from a "FREE" state may help him realize that Michigan loses motorcycle money every day of the summer with a mandatory helmet law. Governor Snyder prides himself on being all about business and helping business. Please urge Governor Snyder to support adult choice. MAIL to:
Governor Rick Snyder
State Capital
P.O. Box 30013
Lansing, Michigan 48909
517 373-3400

Thanks for helping us in our efforts. Hope to see you in September riding FREE in Michigan.
Thanks again,
Vince Consiglio



August Greetings to my Riding Friends!Hopefully, everyone experienced an enjoyable Independence Day Weekend with family, friends and loved ones as America celebrated its 235th Birthday.I had lots of fun playing a water hose on my roof and dry backyard to avoid grass fires started by irresponsible use of fireworks during a County-wide Burn Ban.Unfortunately, many Americans are ignorant of the fact that along with the Freedom many take for granted comes the requirement to exercise Responsibility.That’s because it isn’t Free, but has been bought with a Price.That undeniable fact is reinforced as thousands of our Brothers and Sisters in the Armed Forces continue to place themselves in harm's way so that our Nation will be able to celebrate its Liberty and Independence for many more Birthdays to come!July 1 marked the Birthday honoring the establishment of the Petty Officer rank in the United States Navy, so this Air Force Veteran wants to pay tribute to my friends who have served honorably in the finest Navy that has ever sailed.Anyone with any Military experience, regardless of Branch, knows that NCOs are the ones who make things happen!As I open this article, I want to reaffirm Solidarity with a couple of Motorcycling Family Members.Bandido Hun was in a serious bike wreck, and has been recuperating from multiple surgeries in Tulsa.Please remember Hun and PBOL Vickey, who have been very active in ABATE’s Tulsa Chapter, in your thoughts and prayers--I pass along respects and best wishes for a speedy recovery.On the outset of the July 4 weekend, Soxks and Kat of our Three Sands ABATE Chapter got their bike stolen from their home in Ponca City.It's a V-Twin with a "Barney Purple" paint job, and has an ABATE sticker on it.Bike thieves are among the lowest of Life Forms, so I fervently hope by the time this is published that some leads will have materialized which might lead to recovery of their machine, which most of us tend to regard as members of our families!


Next month, I’ll provide more information on the July 10 Oklahoma Confederation of Clubs Meeting held at the Eagles Lodge in Chickasha, OK.During that meeting, we’ll be opening nominations for the key position of Second Board Chair, in advance of elections coming up this Fall.ABATE continues to play a valuable role in representing the Confederation politically, as we work together to advance the cause of unity and cooperation among all motorcycling groups in defending Riding Liberty.You can also expect periodic updates as we approach the National Coalition of Motorcyclists Region 2 Conference to be held November 18 and 19 at the Wyndham Hotel in Tulsa, OK.You might remember my announcing the event would be held at the Radisson, but the hotel is now under new management.Nothing has changed except for the name.We’ll be producing an event flyer this month, and event information including a Meeting Agenda will be available on both the Oklahoma Confederation of Clubs website: www.okcoc.net , and the NCOM website: www.aimncom.com. We’ll be discussing such diverse topics as Federal Trademark Seizure; Motorcycle-Only Checkpoints; getting Bikers elected to public office; and unique challenges to Sport Bike Riders.We’re also going to hold a six-state Motorcycling Rights Activist session; a Regional Confederations of Clubs Meeting; and a Christian Unity get-together.I sincerely hope everybody will make a special effort to attend this educational and informative Conference, which is free of charge.We’re also expecting to have a lot of fun on Friday and Saturday nights, and we’ll head out on Sunday with God at our side after a Spiritual Service and a Blessing of the Bikes.

Tiger’s Tip O’ The Month:We’ve endured week after week of temperatures in the low 100s with no respite (my building at Tinker AFB is STILL without Air Conditioning!). Heading out on your scooter feels like someone’s sticking a blow-dryer in your face and turning on High Heat.Effects of long-term riding in hot weather can be rough on the body, so keep drinking large amounts of water as we’ve mentioned before, rest frequently, and use sun block cream with a high SPF.The skin is your largest organ (22 square feet on the average human), and incidents of Skin Cancer, including the ones with the highest fatality rates, have exploded in our country.The Sun is a powerful force, so treat it with Respect!!

I hope all of you will continue to enjoy lots of fun and safe riding as we progress through the Dog Days of Summer.Remember our Liberty-Defending comrades in Michigan, where their Helmet Freedom Bill advances, and in New York, where a rider at ABATE’s Helmet Law Protest Parade was killed in a Bike Wreck.While tragic, this individual gave his life for a cause he believed in-that should be his Legacy and how we honor his Memory!Be especially careful on your way to the Black Hills Rally in Sturgis, SD, particularly if you’re headed through Nebraska.Law Enforcement in areas such as Omaha and Kearney continue to target motorcyclists to check helmets for DOT Stickers on the outside, and for DOT tabs on the liner.Violators could be held up from continuing until they produce a fully DOT-Approved Hemet, and bikes have even been impounded.Forewarned is forearmed! As we progress toward Fall, I’m looking forward to seeing a large number of my ABATE Family at the 20th Annual Mid-South M.I.L.E. Seminars to be held October 21-23 in Joplin, MO.Be sure to check www.midsouthmile.org for more information, and make plans to attend.Ride Sober and Aware, exercise Mutual Support, keep hydrated, and I’ll look forward to visiting with you again as Autumn approaches, Football Season begins, and the weather hopefully starts to get cooler!

Keep It On The Black Strip Between The Trees,

Tiger Mike

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