Tiger Tales - October, 2011

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10/5/2011 6:08:12 PM
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Tiger Tales - October, 2011


Hello Friends--


I hope this finds everybody doing well this week.  Here is my Tiger Tales article for October, and I hope you'll find it informative.  I'm also attaching the Meeting agenda for our upcoming NCOM Region 2 Conference being held Saturday, November 19 at the Wyndham Hotel in Tulsa. (Local note: agenda if posted under files)  Everyone is invited for an enjoyable and educational weekend, and the seminars are FREE!! Please distribute this important event information to your friends, and I look forward to seeing you there! Have a good week, and continue to Ride Free and Safely.  While I'm sending this out, I need to mention that our ABATE Sister Terri "Butterfly" Thomas of the Lakes Area Chapter was tragically killed last week in a Bike Wreck caused by a Right Of Way Violator, and her ol' man Wolfman was seriously injured and hospitalized.  The Memorial Service is scheduled for Saturday, October 8, 4:00PM at the White Oak Baptist Church.  ABATE Members are meeting at the American Legion Post in Pryor to ride to the service, and will be leaving at 2:30PM SHARP for anyone who might be interested in attending.  Please remember the families and friends in your thoughts and prayers as they deal with this tragic loss.  Ride Free Forever, Butterfly! 


In Liberty,  Tiger Mike Revere--Proud Lifetime Member #001, ABATE of Oklahoma, Inc.



Greetings to my Motorcycling Family!  I trust all of you are enjoying much cooler Fall weather, after enduring record-setting heat.  Unfortunately, we experienced another round of severe wildfires in August, and dozens of families lost their homes.  Many thanks to all of you in the Sooner State who remembered fellow Oklahomans in thought, prayer and assistance.  We had some big events happening in September, highlighted by the OK Confederation of Clubs Meeting at the VFW Post in Krebs, near McAlester, on September 11.  That day of course signified the Tenth Anniversary of the worst Terrorist Attack committed on American Soil.  Hopefully, all of us have marked that day with remembrances in our own way for the victims, survivors, families and our Great Nation.  I’ll have more information to provide on how the Confederation meeting went in my next article, but I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the candidates for OK COC First Chair: Bandido Steve-O 1%er; Outlaw Yoda 1%er; B.A.C.A. Big John; Black Piston Spur; and Guard Dog Smurf.  All of these experienced motorcyclists displayed their firm commitment to Riding Liberty and the lifestyle they hold dear, and have my respect.  I also want to thank all who were able to attend ABATE’s annual “Party on the Plains” September 30-October 2 at the Westlake Sportsmen’s Complex in Enid, and the ABATE Members who routinely work so hard to make sure the event goes off smoothly and is successful.  Central OK District Chapter members helped with the ABATE Booth, and Jon Kirchen once again organized the Paintball Marksmanship Games which, while  I’m not sure they’re covered by the Second Amendment, are loads of fun!  You can expect a more detailed recap of this event in the November Biker Journal issue.

October, while beginning with ABATE of Oklahoma’s State Party; will also be marked by another landmark event for Oklahomans: the Twentieth Anniversary Mid South M.I.L.E. Motorcyclist Rights Seminars in Joplin MO.  This educational and informative event will be held at the Joplin Holiday Inn October 21-23, and I hope a large number of riders from the Sooner State will consider attending if you’re not signed up already.   For those concerned, the Holiday Inn was untouched by the devastating April Tornado, and there are plenty of facilities to support those attending, even though the downtown Joplin area still shows the tornado’s effects.   The M.I.L.E. is one of the premier regional motorcycling rights get-togethers in the Country.   We’ll start out socializing in the Hospitality Suite Friday Night, and a full day of presentations on Saturday features “Slider” Gilmore, an experienced motorcyclist and Emergency Medical Technician.   In addition to the five State Motorcyclist Rights Organizations being represented, we’ll also enjoy seminars conducted by leaders from the American Motorcyclist Association, Motorcycle Riders Foundation, and the National Coalition of Motorcyclists, as well as European Freedom Fighters from Motorcyclist Action Group-Belgium.   The M.I.L.E. is highlighted on Saturday Night with a delicious Banquet, after which auctions will take place, including bidding on State Basket Arrangements crammed with locally-made products.  Sunset Chapter’s Denise Titus has been spearheading the crafting of the Oklahoma State Basket, so PLEASE support her efforts by donating any non-perishable Oklahoma-made products to be included!  You can obtain more information, as well as a Registration Form, by logging onto www.midsouthmile.org  I’ll be looking for you!  Oh yeah-this year’s event will feature Twenty-Year collectibles including T-Shirts and Bronze and Silver Coins!

I want to look ahead to two important events for riders to put on their calendars.  COD ABATE’s Veterans’ Day Bike Parade to the State Capitol War Memorial will take place on Friday, November 11.  This FIFTEENTH annual event provides our Riding Community with the opportunity to recognize the contributions of our Military Members, and increase focus on the need for the Government to honor its contract with them.  “Support the Troops” is much more than a phrase on a bumper sticker!  We’ll once again assemble at the Skyline Restaurant on S.E. 15th Street, ¼ mile east of I-35 in Oklahoma City, and the Parade will depart promptly at 10:20AM.  Please participate and pay tribute to our Armed Forces!  I’ll have to attend the NCOM Semi-Annual Board Meeting in Memphis that weekend, then I’m coming back just in time for our NCOM Region 2 Conference at the Wyndham Hotel in Tulsa November 18-19, which I mentioned last month.  This six-state regional meeting will be enlightening as well as a lot of fun, so I hope we’ll have a good crowd of Oklahomans attending.  Check out www.aimncom.comfor more information.

Tiger’s Tip O’ the Month:  Autumn signifies Leather Weather, so be sure to go over your Leather garments that might have been put away for a few months of hundred-degree heat.  Be nice to them with moisturizing treatment and waterproofing to increase effectiveness and prevent cracking.  Remember: you wear Leather and sacrifice the cow’s hide to save your own!  Oklahoma’s wind also picks up this time of year, so don’t let gusts and crosswinds take you by surprise on the highway.

As I bring this to a close, I’m realizing that we have to start thinking about getting ready for the Holiday Season!  Halloween serves as the vanguard event, as well as being one of the unofficial Biker Festivities (must be because Halloween colors are Black and Orange!).  Many motorcycling organizations, including some of our ABATE Chapters are planning activities around this fun time. As we prepare to celebrate with family and friends throughout the rest of the year, be sure to party responsibly-especially if your travel plans involve driving or riding.  Remember also that appointing a Designated Driver is far better than running afoul of the Law!  So, Ride Safely, Sober and Aware, and I look forward to crossing paths with you as we honor our Armed Forces on Veterans’ Day and get ready to enjoy Thanksgiving.

Keep It On The Black Strip Between The Trees,

Tiger Mike

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