Tiger Tales - May, 2012/MEMORIAL DAY PARADE

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5/25/2012 3:44:24 PM
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Tiger Tales - May, 2012/MEMORIAL DAY PARADE


Hello, Friends--


I hope this finds you having a good week, and that your spirits are improving as we get ready for Memorial Day Weekend. Here's my Tiger Tales article for the month of May for you to check out, and I hope you enjoy it. While I have your attention, I want to cordially invite all that can to attend our TWENTIETH annual ABATE Central OK District Memorial Day Motorcycle Parade event headed to the Oklahoma State Capitol on Monday, May 28. I'm once again attaching an event flyer for your reference.  Come to the Skyline early for Breakfast, and we'll have a Riders Meeting in the parking lot before the Parade leaves at 10:20AM.  PLEASE, if you can, bring unused T-Shirts, Baseball Caps, and Toiletries--the American Legion Riders Post #1340 is collecting items and cash donations for the Oklahoma Veterans Home in Norman, OK.  Many thanks in advance for your generosity.  After the Parade, the American Legion Post #73 on SE 24th St. in Del City will be hosting a Hot Dog Cookout.  The K-Saloon at High Ave. & Grand Blvd. is also hosting an after-Parade lunch for attendees.  The Riding Community is grateful to both establishments for your hospitality.  Please feel free to share this information with your friends to ensure maximum publicity--I've experienced come computer problems recently, and have lost some addresses which I'm trying to re-aquire.  Thanks for listening, and Ride Free and Safely as we begin the 101 Critical Days of Summer.  Don't hesitate to call or e-mail me if you have any questions. 


Yours in Liberty,

Tiger Mike Revere

Captain, USAF (Retired)

President, ABATE Central OK District 

405-596-1072 (cell)


"The Soldier, above all others, prays for Peace; for it is he who must endure the awful Wounds and Scars of War!"--Gen. Douglas MacArthur


A hearty hello to all my friends in the Riding Community!  I hope you’re continuing to get out more as the warm weather has taken hold with authority in our state.  After one of the warmest March and April season’s on record, riders are routinely experiencing temperatures in the 80s.  I sure hope we won’t have a long stretch of 100-degree days like we experienced last August!

I’m getting my obligations wrapped up in advance of heading out to Indianapolis, IN for the 27th Annual NCOM Convention May 10-13 at the J.W. Marriott Hotel downtown.  I expect we’ll enjoy a sold-out event with close to 2,000 Freedom Fighters from all over North America and overseas attending.  I saw the NY Giants stayed at the Marriott during this year’s Super Bowl, and it’s a really beautiful facility!  We Oklahomans will be well-represented by a number of folks from the OK Confederation of Clubs as well as ABATE, and I’m honored to continue serving on the NCOM Board of Directors as I have since 1997.  Seminars at this year’s Convention include: Updates on the Federal Lawsuits against Patch Discrimination and Motorcycle-Only Roadblocks; Public Relations; The US Defenders Program; Women in Motorcycling; World of Sport Bikes; Clean and Sober Round Table; Motorcycle Profiling; and the Christian Unity Conference.  The Convention will also feature a First Aid and CPR Demonstration, and a seminar on Highway Threats featuring longtime Biker/EMT “Slider” Gilmore.  The Worldwide Patch Holder Meeting will be hosted by the Indiana Confederation of Clubs, and the Silver Spoke Awards Banquet will feature State Senator Jim “Putter” Putnam, NCOM Legislative Task Force Chairman and newest recipient of the Ron Roloff Lifetime Achievement Award.  There’s still time to plan on attending, so PLEASE check out www.aimncom.comfor more information!

I mentioned last month of the possibility that Helmet Freedom of Choice for adult riders could become reality with the passage of LB52 in Nebraska.  The same could be true with the realization of Michigan’s Helmet Law Repeal!  SB291 went through all the requisites and was sent to Governor Snyder’s office the beginning of April.  He has a 14-day window to sign the bill, veto it, or let it become law without his signature.  Expect a more detailed explanation of the campaign’s results in the near future.  It would be absolutely fantastic if we could celebrate Victory for both these states at the NCOM Convention and MRF’s Meeting of the Minds—keep your fingers crossed!

Our Chapter ushered Spring in with enthusiasm at COD ABATE’s Meet and Greet held Sunday, March 25.  The weather was sunny and in the low 80s, and hundreds of motorcycles showed up.  Many thanks to our Chapter Members who worked so hard to make this event a success.  Tallbear, our Sgt-at-Arms, made a bunch of his famous Indian Tacos, we sold some ABATE Merchandise, and most importantly signed up several new ABATE Members!  The 50/50 Winner rode out with 117 dollars, and both COD and the Coalition of Independent Riders donated Sponsored Memberships.  Speaking of which, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of increasing ABATE’s Membership rolls.  A larger membership base directly supports ABATE’s Political Effectiveness.  ABATE Memberships make great gifts, and it’s certainly worth our while if dedicated Freedom Fighters help out comrades down on their luck by providing membership renewals, as opposed to just letting them expire.  Remember-it’s not about Charity; it’s Brotherhood!

TIGER’S TIP O’ THE MONTH:  It’s Severe Weather Season in the Sooner State, so this is worth mentioning again.  Oklahoma is famous for its winds when they come sweepin' down the plain this time of year. There are lots of folks driving large, unwieldy vehicles that are dramatically affected by those winds, like large trucks, pickups pulling Fifth Wheels, cars pulling trailers, and motor homes.  Lots of these drivers are inexperienced at handling all that mass and inertia, and they're likely to be all over the road in a crosswind.  Murphy's Law says they'll probably blow toward you at the worst possible moment, like when you're leaned over trying to stay in the middle of your lane.  Be aware, get past them as quickly as safely possible, or SLOW DOWN and keep out of their way!  Know your limitations, too--you might consider taking an alternate route, or even pulling over periodically and relaxing instead of fighting the wind nonstop.

As I bring this to a close, I want to highlight two special events designed to focus on the significant contributions of our Armed Forces.  This is especially important as we approach Memorial Day, May 28. Operation Carry the Flame across America ceremonies will take place Sunday, May 20 at the VFW on Hwy. 81 in El Reno, OK.  A large contingent of riders will head west to Clinton to meet up with the group riding from California to Washington, DC for Rolling Thunder.  This is a very dramatic, heartfelt event that you don’t want to miss.  Contact ABATE’s Sunset Chapter for more information.  This year will mark TWENTY straight years that the ABATE Central Oklahoma District has hosted the Annual War Memorial Run to the State Capitol Veterans Memorial Park.  Show up at the Skyline Restaurant early on Monday, May 28, have a good breakfast, and line up for the Bike Parade which will leave promptly at 10:20AM or the Memorial Day services.  Remember that this event is all about paying tribute to our Military Members that made the Supreme Sacrifice for our Liberty, including the fallen from Iraq and Afghanistan we have to say goodbye to every day!  Take care of each other, Ride Safely, Sober and Aware, and I’ll have more good stuff to share with you next month!

Keep It On the Black Strip Between The Trees,

Tiger Mike

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