December Gunny's Sack

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11/10/2010 7:10:05 AM
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December Gunny's Sack

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    I’m sure you know that winter riding is far different than any other time of the year. Doesn’t matter where you live for certain precautions. Getting chilled and dehydrated is the nasty combination to avoid. Hypothermia will kill you and needing water will help bring it on. This killer is a sneak, though: Ya might not realize you’re in trouble and suddenly, you can’t think clearly and you’re shivering and cold and then ya lose concentration. That’s the recipe for an accident. Wear warm clothing in layers. If you get too hot you can always remove some clothing. Be sure your scooter is ready for the cold weather. Change your oil and fluids, especially radiator anti freeze if your bike has those thing aboard.

LACONIA, NH:  It's official. Next summer this city will be host to the annual international gathering of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, known as the World Run. P. Scott Bratton, the legal representative of the Hells Angels which, in New Hampshire have chartered chapters in Manchester and Laconia, confirmed what The Citizen newspaper first reported on Oct. 7: That the World Run, which took place here in 2003, will be back in 2011.The 2011 World Run will begin on July 27 and go through July 31, a Sunday.

 "We expect approximately 2,000 Hells Angels to attend with their families who will be vacationing at the lake and we see it as a positive event for the community since it will financially benefit local merchants and retailers," said Bratton. In addition to announcing the details of the upcoming World Run, Bratton on Thursday afternoon pointed out that last week's article in The Citizen contained an error. The article quoted Belknap County Sheriff Craig Wiggin saying that he, like Laconia Police Chief Mike Moyer, did not expect many problems during the World Run next year. But the article also stated that recently, an innocent bystander was shot by a prospective club member. Bratton stressed that the alleged shooter "was not a member of the Hells Angels or a prospect or even a friend or an affiliate who was involved" in the shooting.

Following the 2003 World Run, the Hells Angels through Bratton thanked residents of the city and the Lakes Region for their "respectful hospitality." He said, "Most would agree that the event was a success, including the Hells Angels, local merchants, the law enforcement community and, importantly, the citizens of the Lakes Region."

NHTSA RECALLS: If anyone reading these pearls has one of these rides get yur butt to yur dealer and get these fixed. An accident will ruin yur day. BMW: 2007-2010 for front disc brake fasteners. BMW: 2004-2010. for rear wheel linkage. KAWASAKI: 2009-2010, for engine control unit replacement.

TUCSON, AZ: The University of Arizona’s campus Police department will start using mounted digital cameras on marked department motorcycles, as well as cars, according to a UAPD news release. This can be a good thing for folks that feel like they were stopped for no good reason and take it to court. They can get the video through the freedom of information act  or the discovery process in a criminal or infraction case, and use the police video in their defense.
EAGLE POINT, OREGON: We just can’t seem to get away from big brother. It seems that OSHA has stepped in because a school principal had an accident on his motorcycle while at work. OSHA has recommended that school employees not ride their motorcycles while performing school duties. The school board has taken up the idea and will decide the outcome. Next thing ya know we won’t be able to walk without an escort to see that we are safe. I wonder what would have happened if he had been walking?
KELSO, WA: Last month, the Oregon and Washington Confederations of Clubs (COC’s) held their first ever joint meeting here. Bikers rode from the  corners of their respective states to meet here, to try to coordinate efforts or even join forces to fight discrimination against the clubs, and for the good of all motorcyclists here in the Pacific Northwest.
BROCKTON, MASS:  A Cape Cod woman was sentenced Thursday to state prison after she was found guilty of motor vehicle homicide and leaving the scene after causing a death in June 2009.
A 58 year-old biker named Charles Pappas was killed in Plymouth, Mass. According to the story in the Cape Cod Times, the woman who caused his death with her 2008 Cadillac was just sentenced: 18 months in their state prison, plus five years after that of probation, with no driving allowed. I wonder if Mr. Pappas would have thought that was a fair sentence. If one of us had done that they would have thrown the key to our cell away. The woman was guilty of MURDER for goodness sake.
OREGON SPLITS: No, it’s not a dance move. The Oregon Governor’s Motorcycle Advisory Committee has taken up the conversation about lane sharing, as they call it. In reality it’s splitting lanes for motorcycles when traffic is stopped. This is a legit practice in many other states and could eventually happen here. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though. This may take some time with our newly elected Governor. I’m betting on some opposition from his office, but who knows, he may surprise us. That’s as political as I’m going to get folks, you can make up your own minds. We’ll find out soon enough.
CONVENTION NEWS: Don’t forget that the NCOM REGION I (West Coast, plus Idaho, Alaska and Hawaii) Conference this year is in Honolulu, Hawaii,  January 28-29, 2011. Make your plans now while the flights are cheap. Call NCOM for information from the horses mouth. They booked us a hotel for under $100 a night that’s a short walk from Waikiki Beach. 1-800-531-2424, or 1-800-On-A-Bike, or check the NCOM website. And, plan now for the big national NCOM Convention early next May in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I expect some of us in Oregon might be riding to that one!
GUNNY AGAIN: As is my habit, I again remind y’all if ya get in an accident call your nearest AIM attorney. Even if ya didn’t hit the clown that drove in front of you. There is a thing called phantom vehicle coverage in some states – including Oregon – that AIM attorney’s know about, and can tell you when  it applies. I’m no lawyer, so the only advice I can give you is: CALL THE AIM ATTORNEY AS SOON AS YOU ARE ABLE, and as to the insurance adjusters– if THEY call, just say NO. Don’t talk to them until you’ve at least met with a Personal Injury lawyer, which is what our AIM boys do. Even if they can’t help you they might know an attorney who can. Sam Hochberg here in Oregon is available at 1-800-347-1106, and 503-224-1106 locally to the Portland area. He’s online too at, and his website is . Look for the biker pages there, and some Q and A about vehicular accidents. Or, just call the national AIM offices at 1-800-531-2424 and they can hook you up with someone in your area. For more info nationally, go to the AIM and NCOM website, which is slated to soon contain video from the various AIM Attorneys. Go to .

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