Tiger Tales - January, 2011

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1/1/2011 12:35:49 PM
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Tiger Tales - January, 2011

Hello, Friends--

I hope this finds all of you doing well as we prepare to close out 2010. Here is my Tiger Tales article for January of 2011, and I hope you find it informative. Some of you who read my article already in the January issue of the ABATE Biker Journal might notice that I fleshed the article as appears in this e-mail out a bit. I did that because Barbara, our esteemed editor, let me know that I could include a few extra words since there are so many important issues directly affecting Biker Liberty on the horizon. Still, my intention will be to work on reducing long-windedness while supporting worthwhile content--since it's not about me, but about whatever might contribute to improving Motorcyclist Quality of Life.  So, best wishes for a bright and prosperous New Year, bundle up against the cold, and be careful if you're headed out on Amateur Night.  Remember that Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving, and there'll be lots of checkpoints set up--we sure don't want any of our Biker Family starting out 2011 in the Graybar Hotel!! See you on the Road!

In Freedom,

Tiger Mike Revere, Proud Lifetime Member, ABATE of Oklahoma Inc.


 I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all my Riding Brothers and Sisters a very Happy New Year as we begin 2011! In addition to our Chapter Officers who have been re-elected, I also want to welcome two new folks who signed on as COD ABATE Officers: Debi Bohannan, a dedicated Biker and proud Military Mom who is our new Vice President; and “D-Rail”, one of our old-school members who’s come back after a long absence and will be one of our Sgts-at-Arms. In addition, Mark "Bus" Buskirk, who is State Commander, has volunteered to assist the Chapter as a Representative to the State Board, since Jim Frazier won't be able to attend Board meetings due to his job. All of us in our local Chapter and Statewide look forward to working together to keep Oklahoma one of the best states in which to ride! Every January affords us the opportunity to determine how to fill a blank slate with items that will benefit our Motorcycling Community, as well as meet head-on the challenges we know await us.  Federal and state governments such as California continue to push for drastic Anti-Noise Legislation which could negatively impact the Motorcycle Aftermarket Industry, and the Feds’ NHTSA is continuing to agitate for a Nationwide Mandatory Helmet Law, emphasizing Crash Survivability over Crash Prevention.  We’re very fortunate to have National-level Organizations working for us like the Motorcycle Riders’ Foundation, where I’ve renewed my membership for another three years.  Consider logging onto www.mrf.organd joining if you haven’t already.  These threats are going to influence how ABATE organizes its Legislative Strategy for the New Year, when we prepare to kick off the 2011 Session with our ABATE Legislative Breakfast on Wednesday, February 23 at the State Capitol Fourth Floor Rotunda from 9:30AM until 1:30PM. Please make plans to attend, and be sure to go to our State Website at www.abateofoklahoma.orgfor more information.

 Many thanks to all who honored those Patriots who’ve served in our Military by attending our annual ABATE Veterans’ Day Run November 11. Over 352 motorcycles and other vehicles took part in our FOURTEENTH annual Parade to the State Capitol.  The Skyline Restaurant parking lot was packed with riders, many of whom are also Veterans. Our Motorcycling Community was gratified to have both motorcycles and cruisers from OKC PD, OK County Sheriff’s Department, OU Police, and State Capitol Patrol providing Parade Escort to insure everyone was safe. Huge thanks go to Mark Buskirk for getting the Parade Permit and coordinating with Law Enforcement. Many thanks again to the American Legion Riders Post #1340, led by Post Commander Robbie Wicker, for helping with logistics, and to the Vietnam Vets/Legacy Vets M/C for providing outriders.  As we close out the year, remember that, while 2010 was designated the Year of the Vietnam Veteran in Oklahoma, we need to remember the Service and Sacrifice of these special folks and all our Veterans every year! After a heartfelt service at the State’s War Memorial, riders participated in a police-escorted procession to Del City Hall, where the Municipal War Memorial was officially dedicated in an inspiring program.  Be sure to cruise by to see it on S.E. 15th St. when you have a chance--it includes framed pictures and life sketches of all Del City's war dead. From there, attendees headed over to the American Legion Post #73 in Del City, where we enjoyed a Hot Dog Cookout, and folks donated goods and money to support the Oklahoma Veterans’ Home in Norman.  If you’ve never taken part in our runs to Support the Troops before, I sincerely hope you’ll consider attending our ABATE Memorial Day Bike Parade on May 30.

 Several hundred motorcyclists and trikers attended the National Coalition Of Motorcyclists Region 2 Conference in DeSoto, TX November 20, for which several Confederations of Clubs and Motorcyclist Rights Organizations from the Region's participating states spent a lot of time and effort preparing. NCOM would like to profusely thank Bandido Big Kid, Chairman of the DFW Confederation, for doing so much of the organizing; and also Bandido Gimmi Jimmy, combined Texas Confederations Chair, and Paul Landers, Chairman of the Texas Motorcycle Rights Association for doing so much to ensure the event's success and that everyone enjoyed Texas-sized hospitality! A number of NCOM Board Members, including Board Chairman and ABATE of Florida State President "Doc" Reichenbach, took part in presenting seminars.  Informative topics included enhancing Freedom of the Road; getting Motorcyclists elected to public office; challenges affecting Sport Bike riders; and the U.S. Defenders Program, which has been used so successfully this year to support Biker Liberty.  ABATE of Oklahoma and the OK Confederation were specifically recognized for their 2010 efforts in combating discriminatory "No Colors" policies. After a six-state Motorcyclist Rights round-table and the Regional Confederation of Clubs meeting, attendees enjoyed each others’ company at the Freedom Fighters’ Social.  We’ve committed to hosting the NCOM Region 2 Conference the third week of November, 2011 in Oklahoma, so I’ll keep you updated.  Check out: www.aimncom.comand www.okcoc.netfor more information.

 Tiger's Tip O' The Month: It’s definitely Leather Weather, if anyone still had doubts!  An important concern to address with January riding involves avoiding Hypothermia, which can sneak up on you, slow your reaction time and put you in jeopardy before you know it.  Dressing in layers can help you more effectively prepare.  It might also be time to spring for a new pair of gloves. Get the type with synthetic material (like Wind-Tek) in the fingertips that will keep your vital throttle and brake fingers from going numb.  Remember also that the winter numbs other motorists, who aren’t normally looking for motorcyclists, by confronting them with a landscape of black, white and grays.  Break up that monotony by wearing high-visibility, night-reflective colors which will enable those you share the Road with to see you better!

 Okay-it’s time to close out this article for another month.  One of my New Year’s Resolutions involves packing valuable information into shorter articles, which will make Barbara, our hard-working Editor, happier and not wear out my welcome! In addition to seeing all my friends at the 2011 kick-off OK Confederation of Clubs Meeting at the American Legion Post on Admiral Pl. in Tulsa January 9, I look forward to seeing my ABATE Family at the Oklahoma S.M. I. L. E. January 7-9 at the Quartz Mountain Resort in Lone Wolf.  Everybody is gearing up for a productive Board Meeting, a Keynote Speaker from the Oklahoma State Legislature, educational and informative seminars, and a terrific time in general. We're going to enjoy each others' company in the Hospitality Room, and The Jukebox Junkie, our newest Rider Education Instructor, will once again rock the house and host Biker Karaoke. There will also be a number of special awards given out, most notably the selection of Allan “Capt. ABATE” Singheiser as an ABATE of Oklahoma Lifetime Member. Allan, who’s part of the NW #69 Chapter in Woodward, has done much good in his close to 30 years with ABATE. The award is well-deserved, and I’ve been proud to have been his friend since 1988. I remember attending one of my first ABATE events back then as a skinny, clean-shaven Air Force Captain just assigned to Tinker AFB, and participating with Capt. ABATE in the Tire Drag where he was pulling me behind his bike. Wow--how much time has passed since then, and what changes both us two Captains and ABATE have gone through! Take care of each other, Ride Safely, Sober and Aware, and I’ll cross paths with you in the near future.

Keep It On The Black Strip Between The Trees,

Tiger Mike 

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