CALL TO ACTION #LetRidersSpeak

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11/10/2017 7:34:38 AM
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CALL TO ACTION #LetRidersSpeak

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In 2015, Congress re-established the Motorcyclist Advisory Council in the Highway Bill to advise the Federal Highway Administration on “issues of concern to motorcyclists.” This important group would serve as the ONLY official forum on a national scale for motorcyclists to have an open dialogue with the Government. And yet, all but one individual selected was there to represent the technical aspects of the Council, including engineering, construction and traffic safety systems as well as roadway data. Only one seat out of ten was designated for a national motorcycle riders’ association to alone speak to the riding experiences and concerns of more than 8.5 million motorcyclists in the U.S.


This is unacceptable, we must petition the government to add motorcyclists to the Council! By clicking and sharing the link below, you can sign a petition that will be submitted for the official record asking for 3 additional seats to be added to the Motorcyclist Advisory Council – 1 for a national motorcycle riders association for ON-STREET motorcycles and 2 for state/regional motorcycle riders associations.


Unlike 9 out of the 10 Council Members chosen, adding these 3 representatives who have the authority to speak on behalf of riders at large, will ensure this Council accomplishes what it sets out to do – be the voice of riders!


Together, let's spread the word: #LetRidersSpeak






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