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12/5/2017 7:09:29 AM
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Ethanol Update

MRF Members/Reps/Leadership:


I wanted to share a recent update with you regarding ethanol that you should feel free to pass on to interested parties:


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has backed off a previous proposal that would have reduced the federal biofuels mandate. Late last week the EPA finalized a rule that instead would hold steady the quotas on renewable fuels (like ethanol) under the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) for 2018.


Earlier this year, the EPA proposed changes to the RFS  which, for the first time, would NOT call for an increase in conventional ethanol and instead proposed to LOWER the required volume of cellulosic biofuel by 73 million gallons. HOWEVER, ethanol producers and lawmakers from corn states urged the EPA to back off its earlier proposal to trim the mandate. Reportedly, President Trump, who ran on a platform of supporting the RFS, personally asked EPA head Scott Pruitt not to reduce the biofuels standard.


Unfortunately, the EPA's final ruling does nothing to address consumer concerns over the effects of higher blends of ethanol on motorcycles and other small engines. We’ll continue to try and make headway legislatively, asking for common sense changes to protect the integrity of our bikes.


Until then, Ride Free & LOOK BEFORE YOU PUMP!




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