Meeting of the Minds 2020 Registration is Open

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2/11/2020 6:44:41 PM
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Meeting of the Minds 2020 Registration is Open





February 11, 2020

Meeting of the Minds Registration is Open



“There’s always plenty of time…”

That’s what everyone says when the deadline is four, five, six months away. Riding season is rapidly approaching. You have a garden to plant. The garage needs cleaning. There’s always plenty of time…

The MRF’s Bikers inside the Beltway is a knocking hard on three months. The 2020 Meeting of the Minds is just a little over seven months away and time is going to blaze by; “There’s always time…” Yeah right.

If you’ve been following what the MRF is lining up for the 2020 Meeting of the Minds, you know that this year is going to be a lot different than the past 35. We’re lining up topical workshops that take you back to the days when your head would spin from the shared information. Workshops were standing room only, and you spent long hours after the workshops picking the brains of people who were willing to share even more information with you.

Seven months will go by in a flash; and I promise you, there’s going to be more demand for the 36th Annual Meeting of the Minds Conference than there has been for anything the MRF has ever presented.

On top of nine workshops, a handful of presentations and a weekend to remember, the MRF is offering for the first time an all-inclusive registration pack package. That’s right, workshops, presentations and all meals for only $145.00 per person! There’s never been an MRF conference that offered this before. Once more… That’s the Meeting of the Minds Conference registration and nine meals for $145.00 per person. That’s less than $7.00 a meal!

Plus, the MRF has contracted with “Chef Bill” from ABATE of Indiana and he specializes in keeping ABATE of Indiana members well-fed and happy. Special meal requirements? Got it covered. Selection variety? Got it covered. Long lines waiting for your order at a fast food restaurant? It ain’t gonna happen!

Why is it that there’s always time to do it over but never time to do it right the first time? Here it is a three-step plan to move forward on attending the 36th Annual Meeting of the Minds.

  1. Make your travel arrangements
  2. Make your hotel arrangements: Waterfront Hotel & conference Center 317-299-8400 (mention MRF for the $84.00 nightly rate); cut-off date Sept.1, 2020
  3. Register for the Meeting of the Minds

You have until September 1, 2020, to take advantage of the MOTM pre-registration price of $145.00 for MRF members. Use this link to register: Meeting of the Minds 2020.

Yeah, you still have a little time before the pre-registration deadline ends for the 36th Annual Meeting of the Minds Conference!!! However, this time there won’t be time to do it over when you don’t make the deadline.

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you in September at the Waterfront Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana, for the 36th Annual Meeting of the Minds Conference!!!

Yours in Freedom,

Fredric Harrell
Director, Conferences & Events
Motorcycle Riders Foundation

PS. A 2020 Meeting of the Minds t-shirt on your list?  They go fast at the conference; to guarantee you’ll get your size, go to Meeting of the Minds 2020 and reserve your shirt now.





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