November 6, 2020 - How the Motorcycle Community fares in the Election

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11/8/2020 8:25:42 AM
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November 6, 2020 - How the Motorcycle Community fares in the Election





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As votes continue to be counted and races decided here is an update on how some of our champions and allies fared on election day.

MRF Legislative Champions:

  • Senator Ron Johnson (Wisconsin) – Not Up for reelection in 2020
  • Senator John Thune (South Dakota) – Not up for reelection in 2020
  • Senator Joni Ernst (Iowa) – Won reelection to new 6-year term
  • Senator Gary Peters (Michigan) – Won reelection to new 6-year term
  • Congressman Tim Walberg (Michigan)- Won reelection to new 2-year term
  • Congressman Michael Burgess (Texas) – Won reelection to new 2-year term
  • Congressman Collin Peterson (Minnesota) – Lost reelection
  • Congressman Troy Balderson (Ohio) – Won reelection to new 2-year term

All four co-chairs of the House and Senate Motorcycle Caucuses were successfully reelected. In the Senate the co-chairs are Senator Ernst and Senator Peters. The House co-chairs are Rep. Burgess and Rep. Walberg.

Congressman Peterson, a longtime friend and ally to the riders in Minnesota was defeated. He has served in Congress since 1991. We at the MRF wish him well and thank him for his countless years looking out the interests of all motorcyclists.


One of the important things the MRF has done over the last two years is drive cosponsors to H. Res 255 regarding profiling. Not only does adding cosponsors help in passing the resolution but it is a great way to build new relationships with lawmakers. Additionally, it raises the profile of the MRF on Capitol Hill and shows us which Congressional offices have an open mind to our concerns.

As of election day we have 139 cosponsors of the resolution. How many of those will return in January for the opening of the 117th Congress?

  • Returning Cosponsors: 124
  • Defeated Cosponsors: 5
  • Retiring or Ran for Other Office: 10

Remember, as more votes are counted these numbers could change slightly. Nevertheless, we should see nearly 120 lawmakers who supported one of our main priorities returning to the House of Representatives next year.

A MRF Member in Congress?

On Tuesday, Lisa McClain was elected to Congress to represent the 10th District of Michigan. A handful of riders in Michigan connected with Ms. McClain early in the year, supported her during the Republican Primary and attended her victory party this week. Not only did they talk to Ms. McClain about motorcycle issues, they convinced her to join the MRF! In October she became an official member of the MRF and in January she will become a U.S. Congresswoman! Congratulations to her and the folks in Michigan for their hard work.




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