MMA Encourages Riders to support AMA CTA regarding HR904

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3/3/2011 6:20:41 PM
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MMA Encourages Riders to support AMA CTA regarding HR904



MMA Encourages Riders to support AMA CTA regarding HR904

On March 3rd, the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) issued a Call to Action regarding Representative Jim Sensenbrenner’s (R-WI) bill, H.R. 904 which would prohibit the Secretary of Transportation from providing grants or any funds to states or local governments to be used for any program to create motorcycle-only checkpoints.

In recent months, much press has circulated regarding the NHTSA funding of programs within states to enable Motorcycle-only checkpoints in the name of safety, similar to those used for DUI.  Yet these roadblocks are more often used to check for DOT helmets, motorcycle endorsements, and exhaust compliance.

The Massachusetts Motorcycle Association (MMA) feels that in conjunction with the obvious purpose of these stops, and given that they target ONLY motorcycles,  they are violations of our civil rights and also violations of our 4th Amendment rights concerning illegal search and seizure.


The MMA fully endorses and supports the AMA’s Call-to-Action while asking all its members to contact their federal legislators.  You can do so through the AMA Call-to-Action, which can be found here:


For More Information , please see,, or contact


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