June 16, 2022 House Motorcycle Caucus Grows by 39%!

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6/17/2022 6:51:21 AM
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June 16, 2022 House Motorcycle Caucus Grows by 39%!




June 16, 2022

House Motorcycle Caucus Grows by 39%!



It’s been one month since the Motorcycle Riders Foundation’s Bikers Inside the Beltway event and our efforts are paying off.

An updated membership list of the House Motorcycle Caucus was released last week and it shows substantial growth in the month since riders came to Capitol Hill. 11 new members joined the organization which previously had 28 members. The nearly 40% increase is a direct result of outreach by MRF members!

The caucus hosts educational seminars and press events that shine a light on the issues facing the motorcycle community. It’s also a great way for riders to know which lawmakers are true allies. The Senate has a similar caucus and we hope to see growth with that group when its roster is updated.

Below is a list of the 11 new members of the House Motorcycle Caucus:

    Representative Axne (Iowa)
    Representative Brooks (Alabama)
    Representative Brownley (California)
    Representative Budd (North Carolina)
    Representative Rodney Davis (Illinois)
    Representative Norman (South Carolina)
    Representative Obernolte (California)
    Representative Pappas (New Hampshire)
    Representative Scott Peters (California)
    Representative Stevens (Michigan)
    Representative Wild (Pennsylvania)

Additionally, the House profiling resolution (H. Res 366) passed the 100-cosponsor mark last week as 10 new lawmakers signed on since Bikers Inside the Beltway. Passing the 100 mark is a great benchmark that helps show Congressional leadership that the issue of profiling is a concern to lawmakers. A special shout out to the riders from Kansas who added three new members and now have all four Representatives from their state as cosponsors.

Below is a list of the 10 new H. Res 366 cosponsors:

    Representative Banks (Indiana)
    Representative Davids (Kanas)
    Representative Dean (Pennsylvania)
    Representative Estes (Kansas)
    Representative Hinson (Iowa)
    Representative LaTurner (Kansas)
    Representative Kustoff (Tennessee)
    Representative Obernolte (California)
    Representative Ryan (Ohio)
    Representative Titus (Nevada)

Thank you to those that help impact these numbers and thank you to all the riders who came to D.C. last month.

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming calls to action on our legislative priorities. Answering calls to action is the easiest way to have your voice be heard in our nation’s capital.






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