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3/29/2023 6:55:43 AM
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Show Me a Road Show




<p data-wacopycontent="1"><strong data-wacopycontent="1">Show Me a Road Show

<p data-wacopycontent="1">Earlier this month the MRF’s “Road Show” made its way to the Show Me State. The Missouri Freedom of Road Riders (FORR) held their 2023 seminar in Jefferson City and the MRF was proud to participate. The seminar entitled “Rebel with a Cause” included a diverse set of presentations focused on how riders in Missouri can help protect their freedoms and safety.

<p data-wacopycontent="1">MRF lobbyist Rocky Fox made the trip and shared a recap of the MRF’s 2022 accomplishments in Washington D.C. and goals for 2023. Other seminar topics included presentations on group riding dynamics, security at motorcycle events, and a recap of the state legislative agenda. The keynote speaker at the event was Missouri State Representative Darin Chappell. Representative Chappell is a newly elected member of the Missouri State Legislature, and he discussed his legislative priorities, including addressing the issue of motorcyclist profiling. 







FORR has a strong track record of building lasting relationships with key lawmakers. In 2022, two longtime supporters of Missouri bikers were elected members of the U.S. House of Representatives. Rep. Mark Alford of Missouri’s 4th District and Rep. Eric Burlison from Missouri 7th district have both been champions for bikers in the Show Me State. In fact, Congressman Burlison was the main sponsor of a helmet choice bill that repealed the universal helmet law in Missoui.  The helmet choice bill, which repealed the universal helmet law that passed in 2020, was the culmination of years of lobbying by riders in Missouri.  If that wasn’t good enough, Rep. Burlison is also a member of both the FORR and the MRF!

The MRF has long preached that building relationships with lawmakers early is the best way to see results down the road. The MRF is excited to work with these two lawmakers in D.C. and build off their work in Missouri.

The state of Missouri and the MRF have a long and storied history. Nearly 40 years ago, in 1984, the first ever “Meetings of the Minds” was held in St. Louis, Missouri. As a tribute to that important moment in the history of the motorcyclists’ rights movement, the MRF will host next year’s Meeting of the Minds in St. Louis. Both the MRF and the motorcyclists in Missouri are excited about returning to the place where it all started 40 years later!

The MRF thanks FORR for including us in these events and we look forward to seeing many of you in Missouri in 2024!






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