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4/5/2023 6:49:10 AM
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Living Free… on the Road Show




Living Free… on the Road Show



The best state motto in the country is New Hampshire’s… Live Free or Die! Some people may disagree, but the state motto captures what we as bikers believe. We cherish our freedoms and we will fight to defend them! 

Last week, the New Hampshire Motorcycle Riders Organization (NHMRO) hosted a dinner to celebrate legislative victories and reconnect with riders in the state. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) was honored to be invited and speak at the event. MRF D.C. lobbyist Rocky Fox made the journey to Manchester, NH, and was impressed by the passion and commitment of New England bikers.






The bikers in New Hampshire take the state motto seriously. For almost 50 years, NHMRO and motorcyclists in the Granite State have defended their freedoms and helped shape a path that benefits all bikers. The March dinner was about celebrating recent victories and reconnecting with riders in the state, encouraging them to remain engaged on important issues.

Last year New Hampshire became the 5th state to pass a motorcyclist profiling law! New Hampshire joins Washington, Maryland, Louisiana, and Idaho on the list of states that have changed laws and regulations regarding the profiling of motorcyclists.





Part of the success of NHMRO is due to its outstanding leadership team. Traci and Steve Beaueivage, Patti and Don Pike, Sherman Packard, Rick Daynard, Imre Szauter, and CJ Lynch have a long history of fighting for our rights as bikers. Whether it be helmet choice, supporting Laconia Motorcycle Week, or working on the profiling issue, NHMRO does it all!

The MRF thanks you for including us in your event and for your commitment to freedom.

All bikers agree we should Live Free or Die!





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