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9/9/2023 7:27:53 AM
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Taking Stock




Taking Stock



It’s been a few months since the MRF’s Bikers Insider the Beltway, so this is a great time to see how everyday bikers have helped move the needle in Washington D.C.  Three of the key “asks” we had of lawmakers surrounded, right to repair, preserving the availability of the internal combustion engine, and asking the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) to seat the Motorcyclists Advisory Council (MAC).

The REPAIR Act (H.R. 906), introduced earlier in the year, mandates that consumers and independent maintenance shops have access to necessary repair and maintenance tools. Increasingly manufacturers are limiting the ability of consumers and independent shops to repair products. Exorbitant prices or self-created scarcity of repair manuals, tools, and diagnostic equipment is stifling the marketplace and driving up costs for consumers. This act helps preserve consumer choice and a fair marketplace.  Before BITB, H.R. 906 had 16 cosponsors from 9 different states. Since bikers got involved in May, that number has grown to 37 cosponsors from 24 states. We believe that soon a Senate version of the bill will be introduced, and lawmakers know bikers will be knocking on their doors looking for support!

The Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act (H.R. 1435) was also on the agenda at BITB. Efforts by individual states, as well as an announcement by the EPA, to move to a majority electric vehicle market over the next 10 years are concerning. H.R. 1435 would amend the Clean Air Act to prevent a ban on the sale of internal combustion engines in new motor vehicles. Before BITB, 73 members of the House from 28 states were listed as cosponsors. After the bikers came to Capitol Hill, that number stands at 85 from 31 states. The Senate now has a companion bill, S. 2090.  A few days ago the MRF released a call to action on that bill. If you missed it, click here to contact your Senators.  

Finally, during BITB, riders asked lawmakers to contact USDOT and seat the MAC. In the span of just four days, eleven Representatives reached out to USDOT asking for the MAC to be seated.

Lobbying and advocacy are more art than science. At times it’s tough to measure how effective our efforts are. Yet in these three instances, the impact of bikers and the MRF is crystal clear. We’re making waves, getting things done, and fighting for the rights of the street rider here in D.C.

If we don’t do that, who will?




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